Poplar Zareba Caravan Park
Static and Touring at Anderby Creek on the Lincolnshire Coast • Est 1954

The History of Poplar Zareba


The WHALER family have been in Anderby Creek for over 100 years. Grandad Frank Whaler, a builder by trade lived in the place “now known as Roses” where our Father Harry Franklin was born in 1928.

Grandad Frank built Creekside “Anderby Springs” in 1929. Part of the land was used as a Car Park, another part as Camping & Caravanning. He built a Bungalow for the family to live in first and then a house which was the Cafeteria. He also built the Pub “Creek Tavern” with his Son in Law Henry Lake. The Lake family have also been in Anderby a long time and are our cousins.

The Car Park - Creekside

Nan Whaler Gladys along with a team of girls would regularly serve 120 dinners on a Sunday lunchtime in the Cafeteria. Grandad reported that one Sunday back in July 1935 there was over 400 cars in Anderby Creek, 200 of them using his Car Park.

It was documented that big development plans were on the cards for Anderby Creek “another Skegness”, then the war took hold and that was the end of that. Thank goodness! The Cafeteria was taken over by the Army during the war and Grandad Frank put his uniform back on and served as HomeGuard at Anderby Creek.

The Camp Site - Creekside

Grandad sold Creekside in 1944 and purchased pockets of land around Anderby Creek and Village to farm. Grandad had purchased the land “Poplar Zareba” in 1950 where he grew crops until the Great Flood in 1953. He lived at and worked a small holding in Anderby Village until he died in 1957. Nan Whaler continued to live there until her death in 1976.


Poplar Zareba was developed as Camping and Caravanning by our father Harry Franklin Whaler “known as Franklin” in 1954 when he returned from serving in the forces. He married our mother Shirley Watson (from Withern) in 1961. Their marital home was “Linton” in Anderby Creek “now known as Ravenna House” where along came us, the now proprietors Steven, Richard and John.


In 1968 Mum & Dad had the shop built at Poplar Zareba. We all moved here from Linton when the Living Area above the shop was built in 1971. Dad provided a 6 day week Delivery Service of milk & newspapers to the residents of The Creek, Anderby Village and Huttoft Bank.

When old enough we 3 sons helped our parents where possible. Steven & Richard would help dad collect the rubbish. Steven would help cut the grass, rake up the cuttings, lay slabs for bases and general outdoor work. Richard would help mum in the shop, sometimes John would too although he was younger. The 3 of us would help dad with the deliveries.


Our mother Shirley worked in the shop until her retirement in 1990 when the shop was then made into an office.

Mum sadly passed away in 2006 quickly followed by Dad in 2007.


We had an excellent childhood growing up on the Caravan Park, playing with all the friends we had made and the Caravaners who would take us for days out whilst our parents worked. Not forgetting of course the Cricket & Football Tournaments we held “DADS versus THE LADS”.

We decided to keep the family business and Steven continues to live and work at Poplar Zareba.

page published: 1st April 2016 •  last updated: 2nd May 2017